Bolttech Mannings offers the most accurate method of determining the stress or preload of any given fastener. Our Ultrasonic Bolt Load Verification Services utilize state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and skilled technicians in the field.

Ultrasonic Bolt Load Verification eliminates the guesswork in proper clamping pressure. Ultrasonic Verification instantly provides accurate, digitized read-outs of the true bolt load. This system allows the technician to adjust and verify the correct clamping pressure to every bolt. Internal algorithms compensate for material and temperature changes and ensure a consistent load to each bolt.

The Equipment

The simple operation and accurate calibration make it a must for dependable bolt load verification. Our compact and lightweight portable measurement system weighs less than 3 pounds.

Bolttech Mannings provides a cost-effective ultrasonic solution on the market. State-of-the-art ultrasonic bolt measurement equipment, like the UT-2 unit, calculates exactly what bolt load is retained. The rugged design is suitable in any plant environment and has a continuous operating time of more than 40 hours.

These handheld units are portable, battery operated, and have a high resolution VGA display. They use Windows® software, which enables the technician to download measurements, generate reports, upload test parameters, and send reports directly to printers. The units store 8,000 readings and waveforms with a built-in linear regression, and high/low alarm tolerance to work with data ports and pump shutoffs.

Ultrasonic Bolt Measuring Media