Quantify Your Savings

Bolttech Mannings’ Monster Grip® Tools removed 20 2-1/2″ studs in five hours as compared to an estimate of five hours per stud with the old drilling method.

Monster Grip Tools are Easy to Use

Simply attach the Monster Grip Tool to a Bolttech Mannings or other heavy-duty impact wrench, place onto the stud to be removed, and rotate—it’s that simple. The tool does all the work in minutes, compared to the long hours and days it takes using older removal methods. Monster Grip Tools will work on all studs, from fully threaded studs, the unthreaded portion of double-ended studs, and the undercut portion of double-ended studs. Monster Grip has been specifically designed to minimize or eliminate damage to the threads of the stud.

Features and Benefits

Removing studs in tough environments can be a very long process, sometimes taking hours, days, or even weeks. Bolttech Mannings cares about companies losing time and money. Using Monster Grip on your next stud removal application can reduce labor costs and increase revenues. And Monster Grip is the only single tool on the market that can not only remove studs but also drive them. This easy-to-learn tool can be quickly changed from a stud remover to a stud driver by simply switching the direction lever of the power tool. Stop tapping, drilling, or cutting to remove those stubborn studs and start using the time-saving and cost-effective Monster Grip Tool.

The Monster Grip uses a patented gripping system that is unlike any other stud removal–installation tool on the market today. This uniquely designed gripping system allows the operator to efficiently apply thousands of foot pounds of torque directly to the stud with minimal force loss. Monster Grip’s engineered design directs all of the gripping force to the center of the stud, which eliminates “side-loading” problems. This virtually ends possible damage to the tapered hole of the application.