DataManagement1Boost productivity, save time and reduce costs using innovative data management solutions. Our very own StreamLine software offers our customers a complete toolset to ensure the highest quality of execution for every project at Red Flame Industries. This integrated software solution is comprised of three modules: PORTAL, DESKTOP and MOBILE. Each module uses a central database to capture and store your detailed project information at one reliable source.


StreamLine Features

  • Reports and document management
  • Tasks, notes and scheduling control
  • Progress and workflow tracking
  • Online communications, work requests and approvals
  • Real time reporting
  • 24/7 data retrieval and capture
  • Safe and secure computing
  • Easy-to-use interface

StreamLine Benefits

  • Boost productivity by increasing workflow efficiency
  • Increase accuracy by capturing detailed project data at one reliable source
  • Save time and reduce costs with faster turnarounds