Bolttech Mannings’ state-of-the-art automated disintegrator quickly and completely removes studs, bolts and taps with no damage to the housings. Our Goal is to cut your costs and save you time. Our portable and versatile MDM machine is on average 40% faster than conventional drilling, grinding, gouging, or torching, and we ensure the process is done safely and efficiently.

The MDM Process:

The MDM process involves a vibrating electrode that strikes a high-frequency electric arc each time it touches the targeted heating spot. Fresh water is pumped through the electrode resulting in the breaking down of the molten metal. This metal is flushed out of the hole in dust-sized particles.

The water also serves to keep the temperatures cool. This process can be used on your toughest bolting applications, and the MDM can accommodate bolts of virtually and size, shape and grade.

MDM – Metal Disintegration Machining Media