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Sub Sea Tensioner 1-1/8"

Sub Sea Tensioner 1-1/8″

The Octopus Series Sub Sea Tensioning System was created to satisfy both the environment and the diver. As a result of our extensive research and development, Bolttech Mannings’ exclusive water-based system eliminates the need for hydraulic oil and is the first company to deliver Green Bolting Technology to this environmentally sensitive market.

The quick-release reaction nut allows for quick and easy removal and installation to long bolts and damaged threads, saving time and money.

In addition, we have introduced a Super High-Flow, High-Pressure pump designed specifically to deliver the maximum performance to the Octopus range of Sub Sea Tensioners.

BTM20 Tensioner

BT Series Tensioner

This is the standard Bolttech Mannings series of top side hydraulic tensioners.