Bolttech Mannings can help make your next job or outage more cost-effective, safe, and efficient than ever before using our Thermal Expansion system. Our system and methods have been field-tested and jobsite proven.

Our system can prevent damages, reduce downtime, and limit trouble areas. Our flexible and Custom Coil Design is ready to fit any application, and the various control platforms that are available are designed for ease of Turning and Load Matching in the field.

Bolttech Mannings system uses significantly higher watts density, which far surpasses that of resistance heating methods, and more consistent and even heating leads to more consistent results.

The rapid heating used in our system diminishes heat penetration to the shaft or rotor, which drastically reduces separation time. There is no flame impingement on the shrunk-on component, and no localized overheating, which can occur with Flame Rings or Rosebud Torches.

Bolttech Mannings is here to ensure your next job is done fast, safe, and cost-efficient. Complete Thermal Expansion, Ring Removal, Coupling, Bearing, and Shrink Fit kits are available for rental or purchase.

Thermal Expansion Media