High Velocity Combustion Units

Bolttech Mannings’ High Velocity Combustion units have been proven in heating projects where heat uniformity, accurate control, dependability, and safety is critical. Our equipment is designed with the customers needs in mind. Burner sizes range from 500,000 BTU/hour to 20 million BTU/hour, and each having exceptional turn down characteristics.

Manual and Automatic Features

Bolttech Mannings provides high volume, uniform low temperature conditions that are essential at the beginning of an operational cycle. These units are designed to be operated manually with programmable automatic controls. They are robust in construction and have a heavy on-site workload capability.

Portable and Practical

Our equipment makes your next job easier than ever before. Large steel vessels that must be fabricated on-site are impractical to transport for heat-treating. We can externally insulate existing structures and Bolttech Mannings high velocity gas equipment can heat the structure from the inside, turning the structure into its own furnace.

Combustion Media