Bolttech Mannings is constantly striving to improve its methods and expand the uses for induction heating. Our highly qualified Research and Development Team has improved efficiencies, reduced costs, minimized downtime, and improved profitability to customers.

Bolttech Mannings has proven itself reliable on projects demanding dependability and safety. Our system has no open flames or exposed heating elements. It is fast, efficient, highly portable, and can be used virtually everywhere. Our system is economical to use, simple to operate and robust in construction – everything to provide excellent results.

Our system has an output rating of 100 KW, though other ratings are available. The system has in input voltage of 480 VAC and comes complete with its own water-cooled system. Our proven and reliable equipment is fast, efficient, portable, versatile, and easily adaptable for a variety of applications.

Induction Tube Heating Media