gtsGlobal Tooling Services (GTS) is an integral part of Bolttech Mannings, a company already well known to GE Energy. Under this umbrella is a unique division, specifically dedicated to you through a joint venture with GE Energy.

Our facility is located in existing GE Tool Centers (Rotterdam, NY. Duluth, GA., Houston, TX. Santa Anna, CA.) along with other satellite locations strategically placed through out the United States.. This in itself is critically important to you because this provides you a complete line of Hydraulic Tooling including but not limited to Gas Turbine Tensioners, and a line of Six and Twelve point Sockets along with a COMPLETE set of Castellated slugging Wrenches and Sockets.

GE 24/7 Technical Support Line: (800) 989-4696GE Login Area
  • 6 Point Socket Sets
  • 12 Point Socket Sets
  • Castellated Socket & Wrench Kit
  • Hydraulic Wrench Kits for Large Steam Turbines w/ pumps & hoses
  • Hydraulic Wrench Kits for Gas Turbines w/ pumps & hoses
  • 7FA Tensioner Kits
  • Belly Band Kits
  • Stud Cleaning Kits
  • Air Impacts 3/4″– 3 1/2”
  • Induction Bolt Heating Services
  • On-Site Stud Cleaning Services
  • Technical Supervision for 7FA Tensioning Kits
  • Hydraulic Turbine Casing Closure System for Top’s On / Top’s Off Alignment
  • Ultrasonic’s for Bolt Load Verification
  • Speed Drilling for Stud Removal
  • Stud Disintegration

Global Tooling Services (GTS) a Division of Bolttech-Mannings Inc. has designed a new socket for use on the 7EA marriage couplings. The newly developed socket is designed to fit within the limited space constraints which require standard sockets to be modified. The demanding torque requirements cause the modified, thin walled sockets to fail creating delays and safety hazards. This new socket is made from a Ultra-High Strength of 246,000 psi and a Charpy Impact of 35 ft-lbs. The sleek geometry combined with the fatigue strength and fracture toughness of the special material has resulted in High Performance Socket unsurpassed by any other socket in the industry.

We also offer Induction Bolt Heating Services, Speed Drilling, Metal Stud Disintegration, Hydraulic Turbine Casing Closure System (HTCC) for Top’s-On / Top’s-Off Alignment along with Ultrasonics for bolt load verification.

With these services and inventory all under one roof, scheduling becomes simple as the click of a mouse, saving you and your customer both time and money the two most critical factors in getting back up and running. This is something that no one else in the industry offers.

For your additional convenience, field engineers can now order these services via their local tool centers by means of an FSR#. The benefit for you is that requesting a PO becomes a thing of the past and with a checkmark in a box, you are one step closer to getting back on line. After all isn’t this what GE’s customer service is all about?

Our Global Tooling Services (GTS) is a division of BolttechMannings specifically established to provide Hydraulic tooling and turbine services for General Electric. We are currently operating in the GE tool centers and will be supplying all the Hydraulic tooling, Gas Turbine Tensioners and a line of Six (6) & Twelve (12) Point sockets along with a complete set of Castallated slugging wrenches and sockets to support your outage needs. We also offer Induction Bolt Heating, Speed Drilling, Metal Stud Disintegration, Hydraulic Turbine Casing Closure System (HTCC) for Top’s On/Top’s Off alignment, Ultrasonic’s for Bolt Load Verification on reassembly, Technical Direction and Turnkey Bolting Services. Our goal is to create a one stop shop for all your Bolting needs. Field Engineers can now order these services via their local tool center by means of an F.S.R #. You will find attached a current rate sheet and photographs of our tooling for your convenience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.