The Equalizer™ SWi Innovative Range of Flange Spreading Wedges have been developed to assist in the spreading of all flange joint types with a minimum access gap of 6.0 mm (0.25 in). The tools can be used during pipework construction, commissioning or routine maintenance.

The SWi Innovative Range of Flange Spreaders have fewer moving parts and no finger pinch points. The tools have been developed to increase the spreading distance on each step while gaining easier access between any remaining stud-bolts within the flange joint. The tools provide a much higher spreading force to the existing SW flange spreading tools. The SWi tools are supplied with a swivel handle, safety lanyard and stepped block attachment as standard.

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Hydraulic Flange Spreader


The SWi20/25TE is hydraulically operated by a separate hand pump and is capable of exerting a 24 T (240 kN) spreading force.

Available Kits

Mechanical Flange Spreader


The SWi12/14TM is mechanically operated and capable of exerting a 14 T (140 kN) spreading force.

The kit includes:

  • SWi12/14TM mechanical flange spreader wedgehead
  • 12/14TM mechanical cylinder
  • 150 ft-lb (230 Nm) torque wrench with 22 mm socket
  • Set of safety blocks
  • Pair of stepped blocks
  • Lanyard
  • Hex key
  • Carrying case
  • Gross kit weight 13 kg (28.6 lb)