Engineering-CertificationImprove quality, safety and efficiency of assets and services with tailored engineering and certification. Red Flame Industries works hard to ensure we find the most effective solution possible for every project challenge, from the initial assessment to research and design and right to final testing and completion. We utilize a broad range of certified testing services to properly inspect and certify our customers’ equipment, and resolve their needs – right on-site.

Our engineering and certification services include:

  • Level III and IV Drilling and Service

    Rigs Rig refits, snubbing equipment, structure

  • Oilfield Equipment

    Piping corrosion, elevators, links, hooks, overhead equipment, drilling spools.

  • Construction Equipment

    Overhead and mobile cranes, pickers.

  • Handling Equipment

    Side booms, man lifts, forklifts, etc.

  • Metal Structures

    Bridges, monorails, lifting beams, etc.

  • Pressure Equipment

    Vessels, piping, boilers, valves, down-hole tools, plant shutdowns, pipeline digs.

  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT)

    Mag particle, MT, UT, PT, LPI, etc.

  • Engineering and Design

    Auto-desk, Inventor, ProE, Mechanical.

  • Optical Emissions Spectrometer

    Spark test, NACE compliance.

  • Load Testing

    Elevators, links, hooks, elevator equipment.

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Our engineering team is responsible for the following services:

  • Pre-job evaluation of job parameters

  • Code-specific engineering requirements

  • Welding procedure selection and development

  • In-service flow analysis for welding

  • In-service welder qualifications

  • Research and development