Bolttech Mannings’ Speed Drilling is an alternative to conventional drilling that will save time, money and man-hours. Our method of drilling fractured and galled studs, bolts, dowels, and pins in the field can reduce drilling time from 3 to 8 hours per stud to 10 to 30 minutes per stud.

Speed Drilling requires less tools than conventional drilling, and the tools used are smaller, more manageable, and safer than those used in conventional drilling.

Conventional methods of drilling require 95 percent of the stud to be drilled in several stages. Our Speed Drilling method cores as little as 5 percent of the stud and leaves the remaining 95 percent of the stud as a slug. We can core the stud to within 1/32″ of the minor diameter in only one step with a single bit.

Bolttech Mannings’ Speed Drilling method is less expensive, more efficient, and safer than conventional methods of drilling while still providing the quality results required by the industry.

Speed Drilling Media