Bolttech Mannings’ Rotating Rotor system saves you time and money by combining our Induction Heating Thermal Expansion System with rotor specific tools and methods.

Our system eliminates the need to upend the rotor, which reduces the possibility of mechanical damage. Our methods also do not use cranes for extended periods of time, and we make no direct contact with finished machined surfaces.

Bolttech Mannings’ Rotating Rotor system is done while the rotor is spinning or rotating. This means preheat, welding, and post-weld heat treatment are done while the piece is still moving, which leads to greater uniformity of the temperature profile. Run-out results are also improved because of this.

This system uses a high watt density meaning less area has to be heated, which leads to less post-process clean up.

Our trained filed technicians are able to achieve and maintain tight thermal tolerances, and fully digital and wireless temperature recorders are traceable to NIST.

Rotating Rotor Media