Induction heating has quickly become the standard in the industry since its introduction. Bolttech Mannings has again set the pace for a new bolting technology that has proven to be efficient, fast, and cost effective.

Bolttech Mannings is the preferred vendor of power generation specialist worldwide in the field of induction heating. Our specialized team has revolutionized the methods in which heated studs and bolts are worked with the Turbine Bolt Heating System, and we have expanded that technology to fasteners.

The Induction Nut Heating System utilizes the same variable frequency inductive equipment proven in our Induction Bolt Heating System. Bolttech Mannings has delivered the benefits of induction heating to fasteners without traditional bolt holes. The advent of our new nut heating process enables the coil to be adapted to the nut size according to specifications.

The induction process introduces fast and evenly distributed heat to the nut. The rapid expansion of the nut prevents blue blush and sediment that can cause the nut to freeze or gall during disassembly, which is similar in principle to striping the nut with a torch. Unlike traditional torch methods the induction process distributes heat evenly around the entire fastener, which accelerates heating of the nut and reduces heat soak into the stud.

Hydraulic tooling still may be required to loosen the fastener, but with the utilization of the Induction Nut Heating System, the size of the tooling is greatly reduced.

The accelerated disassembly and decreased number of bolts lost to cutting saves you time, hardware, money, and man-hours. This allows your plant or facility to maintain optimal levels of performance during scheduled outages, maintenance, or unexpected repairs.

Self Contained Mobile Induction Unit

Bolttech Mannings has developed the only fleet of self-sufficient Mobile Induction Units, which eliminate power requirements from your site. These Mobile Induction Units allow our technicians to expedite the set-up process and deliver our quality services to you faster than ever before.

Built complete with Generator and Closed Loop Chilling Systems, the units can operate two 100Kw induction machines in tandem.

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