Industrial Disaster Recovery Services

Bolttech Mannings offers a wide variety of mechanical and thermal solutions to help our customers minimize down time after natural disasters.

  • Forced Air Electric Dry-out Systems - removes moisture from various components such as pumps, generators and motors

  • Combustion Dry-Out services for equipment containing refractory liners such as furnace, boilers and exchangers that may have been saturated from flooding

  • Controlled heating for equipment start-up activities to minimize thermal stresses caused by rapid expansion of materials

  • Large rental fleet of hydraulic and pneumatic bolting equipment to support plant maintenance groups

  • Large footprint of experienced technicians and service centers can mobilize quickly to perform safe and efficient break-out and make-up services for any and all of your equipment in need of inspection or repair.

  • Specialized Stud Removal services - we can help you remove any hardware that may have been galled or seized in place making normal break-out methods ineffective

  • Full Service Technical Bolting, Heat Treating and Field Machining Services

  • Custom Tool and Part Manufacturing

Motor Dry Out
Motor Dry Out Machine

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