At Bolttech Mannings, we understand that the only way to remain a leading innovator is to assure that all of our employees are on the cutting edge of our industry. That's why we maintain our commitment to providing every member of our team with the technical training they need to do the job. At the same time, our training supports our commitment to working safely by training our customers in working safely as well.

Our OSHA Compliance and Technical Safe Operator training program assures that all field technicians are up to date on the latest safe work methods in alignment with our engineering and operations department guidelines. This training is in accordance with OSHA 1926 and 1910 standards with Technical Safe Operator Training in all of our core field services including Bolting: Torque and Tension, Heat Treating, Induction Bolt Heating, and Onsite Machining – Speed Drilling.

The result of our training program is employees who know how to work and get home safely and customers who are confident our team – and theirs – are trained to do things the safe way – every time.

Safety Training Bay