– Nick Dankovich, GE

I hope the day is treating you well. I wanted to take a few moments of your time to thank you for the support of Mr. Bill Kashin yesterday.

I work for General Electric at their Pittsburgh Service Center on Buttermilk Hollow Rd., West Mifflin, PA., I run their Winding Dept. Yesterday I was faced with a dilemma that could have had a hugh impact on one of our generator fields here within our shop. We had purchased a new resistance heater from your company to use on our products. As we set it up and attempted to use it to heat and assemble a brushless exciter to a generator field, we became uncomfortable using it since it was the first time we had attempted using it. Because of the high costs of this type of equipment, I decided that I needed help.

I called Mr. Kashin and asked him for support. He responded a such a positive quick manner by trying to locate a technician and have this person visit my shop to operated our new resistance heater. Unfortunately, Mr. Kashin was unable to reach anyone to support me. Mr. Kashin, at the time was being accompanied with his wife while out in their automobile enjoying drive on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Mr. Kashin, being the committed person to our industry as he is decided to drive his wife home, put on a set of working clothes and drove to our shop and operated our new resistance heater for us.

Mr. Kashin arrived one and one half hours later well prepared, and proceeded to operate the resistance heater while at the same time performed training the GE Winders on how to operate the heater.

One hour later the exciter was assembled onto the generator field. Mr. Kashin immediately began to disconnect the heating cables and began to wrap them up until I had to stop him and insist that we would clean the area up.

Now I have over 46 years in this business and have seen a lot of things happen over this period of time but I cannot remember experiencing dedication toward keeping a customer satisfied as I experienced watching Mr Kashin perform that Sunday afternoon on my behalf.

I will never forget it nor will I hesitate to repeat this experience that I shared with Mr. Kashin this beautiful Sunday afternoon when he had performed for General Electric’s Pittsburgh Service Center.

Please thank him for all of us especially for me, simply because Mr. Kashin’s actions proved to me that the American worker still exists!

Thank you,
Nick Dankovich